Colin’s Story

Colin was 17 years old when he learned of his brain tumor and, thus, his fight began. He was a senior in high school and dreaming of leaving to attend college but that dream was put on hold. While he watched his friends pack up and head off to their next adventure in life, he began a year’s worth of radiation and chemo treatments. Was he disappointed and upset? We would never have known because he was always positive and happy through it all. He fought this battle with such grace and dignity and was more worried and sad when others showed their pain over his situation.

In the summer of 2013, we held a fundraiser for Colin, hoping to raise some money so he could do anything he wanted. Right from the start, he informed us that he wanted all the money raised to go to Women’s & Children’s Hospital as this had become his second home. Not that he loved his time spent in the hospital, because he didn’t, but the nurses, doctors, aids and all who worked on the Oncology floor had become his friends. With his donation of $10K, in Colin’s memory, they opened The Variety Four Family Lounge. This room is filled with the comfort and reminders of home, a place to escape the sterile hospital room.

The amount of friends Colin had just spoke volumes to who he was.He enjoyed life to the fullest and even attended Oklahoma State University for a brief period. He was an amazing golfer and dreamed to work in the field in some fashion. We know for certain, he’s golfing in heaven!

Colin lost his battle on December 9th, 2013 but his family and friends refuse to stop the fight. We are determined to bring awareness to this disease and help others in their battle.

We are, Forever Colin Strong!